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Aikido Mastery . Com
Aikido Mastery . Com

I am a Coder, Trader, and Budoka. This site DTNT MEDIA is about web development, so coding. I have another site (Samurai Trading . Net) about another passion of mine, which is trading. And now recently I have set up a blog about Mastering Aikido called Aikido Mastery . Com.

Why a Blog About Aikido Mastery?

I have been practicing Aikido for more than 20 years now. And I feel it is time for me to start contributing to the community. I do this by teaching Aikido to children. And now I will be sharing all I know on the subject on a blog. I will try to answer as many questions that people may have concerning Aikido. My hope is that it will become a valuable resource for anyone practicing Aikido or anyone who is thinking about starting to practice Aikido.

How I have set it up

Like the other blogs that I maintain, this blog is set up as a self-hosted WordPress blog. Alongside the blog, I have set up different Social Media channels to allow for promotion and interaction with user/readers on platforms that they use. The following Social Media Platforms are set up:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Page
  • Pinterest Board
  • Instagram
  • Youtube Channel
  • Tumblr

I use IFTTT to connect all the accounts, so users on all platforms will be informed as much as possible of the things I share on any other platform and of course the blog.

How I Will Write

In order to write content that people are actually looking for, I will be doing some keyword research for each article I will write. So I will not just write about any topic that I feel like, but nobody is interested in as this will not be of any value to the Aikido Community.

What I Expect of This Blog

I will be putting a lot of effort into this blog, so it would be nice if I could receive a lot of traffic over time, that I can monetize. A couple of thousand visitors per month would be awesome. I have not yet thought through how to exactly monetize the blog. Ads would be an easy solution to implement first.

Check out the blog at

If you want help setting up a blog like this, then you can hire me to help you.

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