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Lekker Turks Eten . NL
Lekker Turks Eten . NL

Together with my wife, I have had a Food Blog for many years. It is a blog in Dutch and is about Turkish Cuisine. My wife is Turkish and it has been our intention to share the richness of the Turkish cooking with the Dutch.

The blog started as many blogs on Google’s Blogger platform. Currently, it is published on a self-hosted WordPress site. The site has built up quite a following on social media, especially on Facebook, where the Facebook page has more than 2000 Likes.

My wife Hatice will still publish new recipes. We also have ideas to write about Turkish cuisine besides just posting recipes. Also, there are still plans to publish a book. Still, these are all just plans and we need to see how things develop.

For now, If you are interested in Turkish Food, or if you just want to check out the site, go to

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