New Trading Related Blog Live at SamuraiTrading.Net

Samurai Trading . Net
Samurai Trading . Net

I have had a website for many years now at It started of as a personal blog, but has morphed into a trading related website over the years. I have done a complete overhaul of the site to make it look professional while keeping a personal touch. Together with my other websites, it will be an ongoing project that is part of DTNT MEDIA.

The idea behind the blog is to share my trading performance in en open and honest way and to inspire other people to start trading and to help them on their way.

The blog offers users the following:

  • Daily trading ideas posted on the blog
  • Weekly trading reviews
  • Trading education
  • Trading resources
  • Insight in my performance
  • A newsletter that will notify of new posts and trades

If you are interested feel free to have a look at

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